Deep Throat
The Biggest Dick

I knew him from way back when, when I didn’t even know what sex was. Now I’m in his house pretending to be interested in the show that’s on T.V. and really I know there’s only one thing on both of our minds. The question is, who’s going to make the first move? Of course he’s being careful, making sure not to overstep his boundaries on our first date, quite the gentleman, but he’s a thug and nice guys finish last. So I turned to face him and his piercing hazel green eyes stared back at me, undressing me. I lean forward to kiss him and his juicy lips instantly made me feel a burst of moisture on my lips. I go down to kiss the tattoo on his neck, tasting his caramel skin, but all this means nothing if his dick isn’t big. I reaching to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants I didn’t know what to expect. As I grab for his dick I realize that I have to open my hands wider and wider. I pulled his dick out as if I was handling an anaconda. I put my head down towards his dick like I was going to suck it, but I resisted. After all, it is the first date and I’m a lady. I’m  thinking to myself how the hell is this dick going to fit inside my pussy, but when there’s a will there’s a way and my pussy is throbbing! I stand up and he looked at me with confusion. I grab his hand and pull him up off the couch and lead him to his bedroom. No time is wasted, I pull of my shirt and he does the same. I lay on his bed and climbs on top of me sucking my ripe nipples until it’s hard, but I could give a fuck about four play and grab this buff arms pull him closer to me. He spreads my legs apart and starts to inch is dick inside me. I moan, it doesn’t go in easy. It doesn’t fit I think to myself, but he’s know how to slowly work it and inch by inch it does deeper and deeper until finally I feel all of him. I let out a big gasp as it was my last breath. As he’s pounding his dick I feel it fill all my vagina that you can’t even hear the my juices streaming down from him going in and out. I turned to my side this way I can feel his curve and I match him by throwing it back. As he goes deeper I yell oh shit. He asks me if I;m  bussing a nut and tell him yes, giving him the ok to release and we come at the same time. Laying down breathing hard, I feel amazing and impressed. No one has ever made me come the first time. We both fell asleep naked, but woke up and left before the sun rose.

Suck on sight

Laying in my bed dripping wet I contemplated playing with myself. I’ve been waiting for this damn cab driver for four hours now. He told me he would be here at four. As I started to doze off into a deep sleep I got the text message : “come to the door”. I jumped right out of my bed as if I was wide awake. I couldn’t wait to fuck him. We walked to my room and there wasn’t much to talk about. In these situations I just want to get straight to fucking. I looked at him. He looked at me. He turned me around rubbing on my ass bending me over. Sliding my lace panties down he simultaneously slid a finger into my wet pussy. I let out a little moan, two of his fingers could get me off. I arched my back, moving back and forth getting ready for a night of pleasure. His big dick was already hard and he started to push in me. I stopped him. What is a night of fucking without some head? I sat on my bed and let him enter my mouth. I started off slowly licking his dick from the head to the end of his shaft. I wasn’t comfortable. I needed to get comfortable. I needed to be on my knees. I pushed him back, got on  my knees and sucked his dick. I used my two hands to jerk him off while my head bobbed back and forth. I looked up and his eyes were rolling back. I started to giggle. I loved sucking his big dick. As soon as he was rock hard I got up and assumed the position. Arched my back ready for him to slide into me. As he slid his big healthy penis inside of me I let out a loud moan. Why was his dick so perfect?! He started off slow but I needed him to beat my pussy up. I turned around and told him to fuck me. He went deep and hard and went harder.  As he was banging my back out I threw my ass back. There was no doubt he would catch it. As our bodies were moving in sync I became wetter and wetter. His hard dick inside of me felt so good almost too good.   He ordered me to lay on my back and like a good girl I did what was told. He pushed my legs back and we were in missionary position. The room began to get hot and the windows started to fog.I pushed his long dreads back and I could see the sweat dripping from his forehead. Every thrust was deep. Every time he pushed in, I yelled out yes. He asked me do you love this dick? I moaned out yes. He knew he had it like that. He stopped and turned me over for some more back shots. He had a tight grip on my hair and pulled my hair back. My pussy started to drip. As he  was pounding my pussy senselessly I tightened my pussy every time he pushed in. Now he began to yell yes. I looked back and his eyes were rolling back. I giggled some more. We got up and moved to the chair, he bent me over and smacked my ass. I had to stand on my the tip of my toes because he was so tall. Smacking my ass breaking my back going hard and deep. I moaned that’s what the fuck I’m talking bout fuck me. We moved back to the bed but this time he laid down. His dick was erect. Standing long wide and hard. I put my lips around his dick and made sure my mouth was wet. I deep throated like that was going to be my last time sucking his juicy dick. He moaned loud and pulled my hair. I got on top and fucked him. We kissed passionately. Something I don’t do with just anyone. This not however was a good night for him. I grinded my pelvis and then bounced on his dick. He moaned and rolled his eyes back and smacked my ass. I stopped and I said fuck me from the back. He turned my ass around, pushed my back down then fucked me hard. He started to pound faster and harder and I knew he was coming. I yelled deeper please go deeper. He pushed his dick in deeper and harder then he came. I was satisfied. Now he had to get the fuck out.